Infrastructure Code Engineer

US AND CANADA · Mexico City (Híbrido)



This role will be in charge of the execution of infrastructure updates, patching, this includes the compute and storage services. As well this team will be responsible for the integrity of the code that generate infrastructure (i.e., stack sets, modules) and for automate provisioning of infrastructure services.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Support to the Landing Zone L1 &L2, updates of the Landing Zone through Global SDS and HUB Team
  • Identify, record, investigate, and diagnose problems
  • Determine underlying causes and prevent incident recurrences
  • Develop workarounds or solutions for incidents
  • Submit change requests to eliminate known problems
  • Escalate to higher expertise levels when needed, integrating with change enablement, incident management, and configuration management
  • Create tasks for problem resolution
  • Analyze historical data to proactively eliminate potential incidents
  • Identify users for active monitoring of problem resolution processes
  • IaC Template Development: Create and maintain infrastructure templates as code using tools such as Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, or Ansible to describe the desired infrastructure programmatically.
  • Deployment Automation: Implement automated deployment and provisioning processes for cloud resources using IaC, enabling efficient creation and management of environments.
  • Configuration Management: Automate the configuration of servers and cloud resources to ensure they are aligned with best practices and security requirements.
  • Resource Orchestration: Coordinate the creation and deployment of complex cloud resources, such as server clusters, virtual networks and cloud services.
  • Maintenance and Upgrade: Manage and upgrade infrastructure using IaC, making it easy to implement changes and ensure consistency across the environment.
  • Security and Compliance: Implement consistent security configurations and meet compliance standards using IaC, ensuring that the infrastructure is protected and compliant.
  • Testing and Validation: Perform automated testing of IaC templates to ensure resources are created correctly and maintained in a consistent state.
  • Code Review: Participate in code review to ensure that IaC templates are efficient, secure and follow best practices.
  • Team Collaboration: Work closely with development and operations teams to ensure proper alignment between infrastructure and applications.
  • Infrastructure Versioning: Manage versioning of IaC definitions to track changes and facilitate rollback in case of problems.
  • Documentation: Maintain clear and up-to-date documentation on IaC templates, deployment workflows and specific configurations.
  • Research and Tool Adoption: Keep abreast of the latest tools and practices in the infrastructure-as-code arena, evaluating and adopting new technologies that improve efficiency.


- Hybrid position working 2 days a week onsite at either Mexico City of Queretaro offices


Must-Have Requirements:

- 8+ years of overall industry experience

- 5+ years of experience in Technology areas (Programming, Infrastructure, Cloud Administration, etc.)

- 2 years of experience working as a Team Lead

- 3+ years of experience as a Cloud Engineer, Cloud SysOps, or Cloud Architect

- CloudFormation experience

- Git based repositories

- AWS Cloud experience

- SysOps experience

- Leadership experience

- Experience with Code reviews and Pull request reviews

- Bilingual in English/Spanish


- Terraform

- Jenkins

- Gitlab CI or Github Actions

- Certified AWS DevOps Engineer Professional, Solutions architect Professional, AWS Developer, or AWS SysOps Associate

Localización (Híbrido)